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The Lamaze method, named after the French obstetrician Dr.Ferdinand Lamaze who developed the method, has been widely practiced since the 1950's and remains one of the most commonly taught type of childbirth classes. Before the Lamaze method, the emphasis was on techniques to control breathing in order to cope with labor But the advent of the Lamaze method has changed all that.

Our Mission:

The main objective of Lamaze classes is to help increase a woman's confidence in her ability to give birth. Towards that goal, a number of techniques are taught in Lamaze classes of which controlling breathing was just one. The techniques are intended to help women learn how to cope with labor in ways that will both make the process easier and make them more comfortable.

A Sample Lamaze Classes Video By Mrs. ManiPavitra

What to expect in Our Lamaze classes?

A typical Lamaze course consists of 12 hours of instruction and involves no more than 12 couples. Women are advised to take up these classes at the beginning of the seventh month of their pregnancy.

Mrs. Mani Pavitra - Professional Lamaze Instructor

Dr.Mani had realised that right education, comfort, pre and post natal support were key to a happy pregnancy. "The role of a father was also very important in a healthy delivery" she asserts .They attended Lamaze classes that helped them have a fantastic birth experience.The couple is blessed with 2 kids.Dr.Mani herself is a certified child birth educator and Lamaze instructor.Dr.Mani and Pradeep have started pampered Momz to propagate healthy birth practices and support pregnant couples .